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Segway Announces Expansion of Global Business Lines

        BEDFORD, N.H. -- In the morning of January 4 EDT, Segway Inc. (hereinafter “Segway”) officially announced an expansion of its business and released its new corporate visual identity (VI) system.  

        Following a lengthy research and development process, Segway recently formally added personal robotics to its business lines, thereby expanding its business to include two major categories: Segway PT (Personal Transportation) and Segway Robotics. In 2016, Segway will partner with Intel and Xiaomi to enter the home service robotics market. Segway seeks to create a futuristic concept by integrating existing technological proposals—a move that is critical for Segway’s personal robotics business. Following the business expansion, Segway will no longer be a brand limited solely to one category of personal mobility products, but will become a comprehensive technology brand that encompasses personal transportation, service robots, and many other types of products and services. 

      At the same time, Segway also released its new corporate visual identity (VI) system. The emphases of the new VI system are to demonstrate the vitality of technology, and to enhance the brand’s visuals on mobile phones and other new forms of displays. The new VI system has also begun to use a new logo.


         Segway further announced that Ninebot will become a brand under Segway’s Personal Transportation business line.

         The industry and investment sectors have paid a great deal of attention to the group holding Segway and Ninebot. Today, the group announced that it received a new round of financing from Intel capital and GIC worth more than $1.0 billion.

         By integrating its research and development centers and massive retail network and support system, Segway has established a global strategic framework, with major hubs in the United States, the Netherlands, Singapore, and China.
               In 2016, appearing before the media and consumers will be a Segway whose mission is to “empower people to live with infinite possibilities.” With Segway continuing to innovate, this merely marks the initial step of a long journey filled with great opportunities and challenges.  

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